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Why settle for an average voice when you can have a Passionate, Vibrant, Soothing, and Clear Voice!

Amy Lynn's  voice is natural and pure. Best of all, Amy Lynn wants to be your female Voice Over Artist. What is a Voice Over Artist? Anytime you watch a cartoon, a commercial, or even listen to a radio ad, you hear what is called a Voice Over Artist. Basically, an Actor, or Actress, who is never seen but always heard.

As a Voiceover Artist, and published author, Amy Lynn also writes Voice Over's for Business Presentations, TV, Radio, Adverts, Narrations, IVR, Voice Mail Prompts, On Hold Messaging, Phone Greetings, Commercials, Internet Voice-Over, Computer Games, PodCasts, Telephone Answering Systems, Sound for flash, Web Sites, Multimedia CD-ROMs & DVD's, Over Dubbing, Audio Books, YouTube Videos, Cartoons and more.

Whether you are a company looking for a Voice-Over Talent for your business, Voice Messaging, Voicemail, On Hold Messages, or just an individual wanting to add more depth to your Web Site, or Presentation Amy Lynn's Voice Overs can help you get the results you want, and need. I work with your needs, if you need me to call in directly to record your phone message system I'll gladly do it at no extra cost.

Amy Lynn's Voice Overs

Serving you for over 20 years!

"You have but one chance to make a first impression, do it with style, and voice."
Amy Lynn's Voice Overs

Not exactly sure what you want your Voiceover project to say? Not a problem! Amy Lynn has helped many clients with their Voice Over recordings, and she can help you out too. Amy Lynn is an award-winning writer, published author, and has the experience you may need, and require.

Worried that the Voiceover recording won't be exactly what you wanted? Don't! Amy Lynn will do a free re-recording of the original transcript (see terms, and conditions for more information.)

Amy Lynn's voice has no noticeable accent. Northern Ohio accents are the same style voice as those of television news anchors.

Dedicated, honest, reliable, and responsible individual. Amy Lynn takes great pride in her work and strives hard to do her very best. You will find that Amy Lynn's voice is not only appealing but professional and can add an extra flair to any audio production project. Amy Lynn is eager to make any advertising endeavor a total success! As a matter of fact, Amy Lynn enjoys doing Voiceover work so much that she is more than a pleasure to do business with.

Take a quick listen to Amy Lynn's free voice over mp3 samples, and I think you will see exactly what I mean. Amy Lynn is a voice artist with a wide selection of On-Hold Telephone Messages, Professional voicemail greetings, Narrations, Voiceover Prompts and more. Be sure to check out Amy Lynn's reference page for past work experience. If you wish to know more about Amy Lynn and her training be sure to read the About Amy Lynn page.

Stop losing business today! First impressions are lasting. What do your customers hear when they call? On-Hold Messages sell! Don't leave customers thinking they've been disconnected. Research shows 88% of callers placed on hold prefer On Hold Messages to other hold options. 18 - 20% make a purchase based on an On-Hold offer! A typical incoming phone call is placed On-Hold for an industry average of 42 seconds. Don't lose customers to tied up phone lines, sell them while they wait. Hire Amy Lynn's Voice Overs to record your IVR Phone Message System today.

In-house Digital Recording Facility - Delivers High-Quality Stereo Audio Files
High-Speed Internet file delivery - Any open platform sound file format
Fast turn around - Affordable pricing - Credit cards accepted via PayPal - Open to Amazon Gift Cards as Payment

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